Siham Sergewa: 101 MPs in favor of endorsing accord government cabinet

Tobruk MP, Siham Sergewa
Tobruk MP, Siham Sergewa

The Tobruk MP, Siham Sergewa, said there are 101 MPs in favor of endorsing the new cabinet of the accord government, while the rest of the MPs are totally against voting, which puts the whole approval issue at a very complex situation as the Tobruk parliament would fail to reach quorum.

Sergewa confirmed that she supports the Government of National Accord saying that all Libyans, herself included, aspire for the institutions state and reject division and non-approval of the GNA as it would intensify the current crisis.

“There is a growing tendency to approve the GNA cabinet via the dialogue committee under the sponsorship of the United Nations.” Sergewa unveiled, adding that Martin Kobler, the UN delegate to Libya, will meet Thursday with the dialogue committee to discuss this mechanism.

She added that those who oppose the new cabinet are MPs from the eastern region except for the fourth circle from Ajdabia city, in addition to some MPs from Tarhouna city, Sabha, and one MP from Tauergha city to make the total number of the rejecting MPs almost 50.

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