Sisi sees new UN-backed govt in Libya as a way to legally send more weapons to Haftar



Libyan News

The Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stressed that all the Libyan institution must be given full back up, especially the army and police institutions, which are essential for bringing about security and fighting terrorism in the country.

Meeting with Fayez Al-Serraj Saturday in Cairo, al-Sisi highlighted that the embargo on arming the Libyan army must be lifted so that it becomes capable of getting its jobs done, pointing out that Egypt would do its best to help the fresh accord government implement its mission and realize the aspirations of all Libyans.

Serraj, on the other hand, said that his government aims at bringing back stability and security to the country so that the Libyan economy thrives and gets stepped up, which will help the government then to turn to fighting terrorist groups and eradicate the danger they pose against Libya and its neighboring countries.

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