Tunisian President: military action in Libya badly impact us, we will take no role in it


Tunisian President, Beji Qaed Essebsi, said Thursday, in a televised statement, that his country is going to be directly harmed by any kind of foreign military intervention in Libya, saying that those who consider intervention in Libya should consult Tunisia first.

“We in Tunisia are going to be affected badly by any military action taken in Libya, so every country that cherishes such an action mustn’t look away from the impact that Tunisia would suffer.” Said Essebsi.

Moreover, Tunisia’s Defense Minister, Farhat Al-Harshani, said that Tunisia will have no role in any military action in Libya as it has always been convinced that Libya’s crisis can only be resolved through peaceful actions.

“Tunisia has completed the building of the barrier fence and trenches along the Libyan-Tunisian borders, which aim at protecting Tunisia from terrorism and smuggling.” Said Al-Harshani in a presser Saturday.

Worth mentioning that Tunisia has kicked off the building of the fence last July with 200 km long barrier that goes from Ras Ajdir to Dahiba border points.

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