UK struggling to get hold of Manchester bomber’s brother in Libya

SDF said it arrested Hashem Abedi while he was receiving a money transfer (4500 Libyan dinars) from the attacker himself, Salman, in Tripoli.

Britain is battling Libyan militia to bring back the brother of the Manchester Arena suicide bomber to face justice in the UK courts, The Sun reported.

Hashem Abedi – arrested in Tripoli after the May bombing – is believed to have played a “key role” building the device which killed 22 people, including seven children.

According to The Sun, The stand-off is likely to delay the inquest into the death of attacker Salman Abedi, now not expected until next year.

His younger brother is being held by forces in the war-torn country where security officials want him to face trial. But senior Whitehall sources told The Sun the Government were bidding to bring him back to Britain to face a jury here, The Sun indicated.

British officials are currently in talks with the so-called ‘Special Deterrence Force’, who are holding Hashem Abedi in a jail at Mitiga Airbase – commonly used by diplomats and UN officials travelling to Tripoli, The Sun added.

The Sun explained that there is an extradition agreement between the UK and Libya, however; since Gadaffi’s overthrow six years ago the country has collapsed, with the country awash with rival militia groups.

A Government spokesman told The Sun: “The British Government will do everything in its power to make sure that anyone believed to be responsible for the horrific attack in Manchester is brought to justice in the UK.

“This was an evil and callous attack, the victims and their families deserve and demand justice, and this is why we are working closely with the police, CPS and Libyan authorities as part of the investigation.” He added.

Hashem was arrested and placed under investigation by the Tripoli Special Deterrent Force (SDF) along with his father.

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