UN, EU launch multi-million program to provide basic services to Libya’s vulnerable people


The UN Development Program (UNDP) on Friday announced the launch of a 50-million-euro (56.7-million-U.S. dollars) program funded by the EU to support basic services for vulnerable people in Libya.

The program, with joint efforts with the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), will target 24 Libyan municipalities to improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), as well as healthcare, education, and social services, UNDP said in a statement.

“Today, 670,500 people need humanitarian WASH assistance in Libya. The crisis has affected 267,000 students, damaging 489 schools, 40 of which have been destroyed,” said the statement, adding that in one out of four communities hosting migrants, migrant children do not have access to education.

“The program will address such needs, mitigating the impact of the humanitarian crisis and strengthening the protection of the most vulnerable,” the statement said.

The program, which will provide timely access to quality services, in particular for the most vulnerable people of the country, is essential for the future of Libya, aiming to contribute to a wide and balanced coverage across the whole country, said EU Ambassador to Libya Alan Bugeja.

“I am also pleased we will be implementing this program together with UNICEF as we expect this to enable us to maximize impact and ensure synergies between our agencies,” said UNDP Country Director to Libya Sultan Hajiyev.

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