Al-Ghweil promises to unite the Libyan people if elected

Candidate for Libya's Interim government pledges to end hate speech and unite the people by bridging all social and economical gaps

Al-Ghweil pledges to unite the Libyan people against all the challenges facing the country. [Photo: Internet]
Khaled Al-Ghweil, one of the 21 candidates for the interim government stated during his speech to the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum that he believes that unity will bring Libya out of its current state and he vowed to unite the Libyan people and bridge numerous social rifts currently dividing the country.

During the speech, he also added that his government will seek to build a broader social dialogue between all Libyans from different backgrounds and across the social spectrum to discuss ways to move forward towards a better future for the country and future generations.

Like his counterparts on the list of candidates, he also pledged that if elected, his government will do everything it can to hold the upcoming national elections on its designated date and make certain that as many people are educated about the value of voting by launching awareness campaigns and ensuring that whoever is elected to lead the Libyan people has earned their vote.

He also added that his government will be committed to cooperating with the presidential council to achieve a spirit of national reconciliation and ending the separation and hate speech, which has been adopted by various media outlet across different platforms.

He stated that upon assuming office, “The government will work to strengthen Libyan sovereignty and consolidate international cooperation and non-interference in internal affairs.”

The candidate also pledged to work towards ending the state of armed conflict and to commit to implementing all the outcomes of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee (JMC).

Al-Ghweil is one of the 21 candidates running for Libya’s interim government to lead the country during the time leading to the nation’s first national elections in December of this year.

UNSMIL announced yesterday that none of the candidates for the interim government’s presidential council were successful in acquiring the needed 70% of voting by the LPDF members in Geneva.

The next round of voting will take place on Thursday and Friday.

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