Deaths and blinding cases over drinking poisoned liquor in Libya’s capital

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 28 January 2018

Boukha bottle (home-made liquor) [Photo: Internet]

Four people died Friday and three others went blind on Saturday, while about four to five other men are still receiving treatment after drinking poisoned home-made alcohol (Boukha) in Libya’s capital Tripoli, reported the Health Ministry. 

The official at the Health Ministry, Omar Matoug, said the poisoned men arrived over the last three days in the hospitals in Tripoli.

Libya is a conservative country, where spirits are not allowed to be made, imported or sold in the market, yet some people make beverages in their houses or small clandestine shops and sell it to others.

In March 2013, over 70 people died out of 1000 registered alcohol poisoning cases in that year across Libyan hospitals.

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