Dr. Benzeer denounces reluctance of UN envoy to Libya to name those who are destroying Tripoli

Dr. Ramadan Benzeer and the UN envoy to Libya. [Photo: Libyan Express]
The Secretary General-designate of the Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law, Dr. Ramadan Benzeer, has urged the Head of the UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame, to name the party that is destroying Tripoli in the current fighting, denouncing what he described the “silence of the UNSMIL” toward the war led by Khalifa Haftar, who claims to be fighting terrorism but in fact killing civilians.

“Fighting terrorism doesn’t include raining the civilian houses with Grad rockets and air attacking hospitals, airports and other vital institutions.” Benzeer remarked.

He indicated that Benghazi is a living proof for the destruction in the name of fighting terrorism that is commanded by Haftar.

“Neutrality is not what it is needed at this time. There are violations of human rights and international humanitarian law as well as war crimes. Silence isn’t the solution.” Dr. Benzeer further explained.

He also said that not condemning the attacks of Grad and the ones who carried out in Tripoli is very concerning as the UNSMIL is based not so far from Abu Salim, where the rockets fell.

“We’ll be working with our offices in Oslo and in London to send out facts to the international organizations. We should all work on documenting the crimes so they could be sent to the International Criminal Court (ICC).” Benzeer elaborated.

He called on the Presidential Council and the Government of National Accord to document the crimes against civilians and send them to the ICC.

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