European lawyers to hold presser in Holland to review Libyan strongman’s crimes

Operation Dignity to be held accountable for crimes in a presser in Holland

A popular European lawyers’ office announced that it will hold a press conference on Tuesday to advocate for filing a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against the commander of Operation Dignity Khalifa Haftar to hold him accountable for the crimes he committed.

A reliable source from the Guernica 37 Office, told Libyan News that they have evidence, documents, and witnesses’ testimonies for the victims’ families against the Operation Dignity commander over the war crimes, which are the specialty of the ICC.

The lawyers will also meet Fatou Bensouda – the ICC Prosecutor – to review at the press conference the evidence that proves that Operation Dignity commander and leaders are guilty of crimes of different kinds so that the ICC can reach a verdict over the violations.

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