France pledges support for Libya’s health sector

France and Libya’s flags. [Photo: Internet]
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) on Monday said that France has supported the organization’s health services in Libya.

“With France’s contribution, IOM Libya will improve access to health services for migrants, internally displaced persons and conflict affected populations in Tripoli,” IOM tweeted.

Due to armed conflict and instability, Libyan authorities have been struggling to provide basic services for the people, mainly proper healthcare and education.

According to the United Nations Higher Commission of Refugees (UNHCR), nearly 270,000 people have been displaced in Libya since 2011 and 120,000 of them have been displaced by the armed conflict that erupted in and around the capital Tripoli earlier in April between the UN-backed government and the east-based army.

Libya is also a preferred point of departure for illegal immigrants wanting to cross the Mediterranean towards Europe.

Thousands of immigrants are detained in reception centers, mostly in western Libya, with poor living conditions.

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