Freeway connecting Misurata to Al-Siddada entrance blocked


Security sources told Libya Digital Agency Friday that the Central Region Intelligence Chief in Misurata ordered all security personnel to block the roads from Bu Grin and Al-Siddada towns to Misurata city plus slamming an embargo on movement in and out of the city for security reasons.

In a presser, the source briefed that patrols that are set up in Al-Krareem, Al-Siddada Bin Waleed road, and Bu Grin military checkpoint are totally shut and the public passersby cannot travel through them neither east or west.

“The reason behind this preventive action is that we received intelligence saying that IS militants from nearby Sirte have managed to infiltrate into the range Misurata city aiming at carrying out suicide attacks in the city, pointing out that the infiltration might have happened through the south.” Said the source.

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