Libyan parliament to resume sessions in Ghadams on December 21

After the first failed session, parliament members agree to reconvene later on this month

House of Reprenstaives to reconvene on the 21st and 22nd of this month. [Photo: HoR]
After holding its very first unified meeting in Ghadams this last Tuesday to discuss priority issues and permanent unification of the parliament, the HoR has voted to resume sessions on the 21st of this month.

The consultative session included more than 120 members of the divided House of Representative and addressed the unification of the parliament, re-election of the HoR presidency, reforming of internal regulations and other relevant policy-making issues.

During the meeting, there was also discussion of moving the official session to Sebrata but it was ultimately decided that Ghadamas was the most neutral location to host the entirety of the HoR.

Sources reported some of the east-based members refused to vote in another head of the House of Representative instead of the current head, Aguila Saleh who wanted the HoR to meet under his authority in either Sirte or Benghazi and who on Monday, held a meeting of his own that only included 20 members of the House of Representative.

The official meeting concluded with the decision to resume sessions on the 21st and 22nd of this month to give other members the chance to join the rest of the deputies and build more bridges of confidence between the memebers.

It was announced that during the next official gathering of the HoR, they will address the following:

On the first day (Monday 21 December):

  • The re-election of the Office of the HoR Presidency
  • The approval of six-monthly parliamentary sessions
  • The amendment of internal regulations accordingly

On the second day (Tuesday 22 December):

  • Discussion of the re-election of parliamentary committees
  • The formation of interim technical committees
  • Policymaking
  • Communication on sovereign positions
  • Proposed amendments to internal regulations.

The united sessions in Ghadmas come as a result of the consultative sessions between HoR members last month hosted by the Mrracon government in Tangier in which members concluded their discussions by pledging to unify and bring the country out of its fragmented state and closer to overcoming its political crisis and conflict.

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