GNA Presidential Council announces new cabinet formation, Deputy Ali Al-Gotrani suspends his participation


The UN-backed Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has announced that it reached full ministerial formation of GNA cabinet, which adheres to the required standards for appointment.

In a statement Thursday, the PC said that the formation came in line with the mechanisms of the Skhirat-signed agreement, which explains the number of portfolios and the standards by which candidates must be nominated without elimination of any component of the Libyan social and political entities.

“We are committed to what the Skhirat political agreement came with as to accord being spread among all members regarding taking part in making decisions transparently, and we are sorry that Deputy Ali Al-Gotrani was absent while making this decisive step forward on Thursday.” The statement concluded.

Earlier Thursday, Deputy President of the PC, Ali Al-Gotrani announced suspension of participating in the PC meetings over a fight that broke out between him and the PC member, Ahmed Mitig, as they both exchanged slaps during cabinet formation discussions.

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