GNC denounces violence Ajdabia city

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 21 December 2015


The General National Congress issued a statement Saturday warning of the consequences of throwing Ajdabia city into a wave of war, chaos, and instability endeavoring topsoil the firmness of the city’s social fabric.

The GNC strongly condemned all of the illegal acts happening in Ajdabia, such as the killing, random shelling, kidnapping, and assassinations, in addition, the GNC decried the attempts that aim at pulling the city into the violence circle founded by the plots of some parties from the country through which many Libyan cities were destroyed.

“We appeal to Ajdabia city locals to be united and to follow in the steps of the principles of their city’s values and traditions and rebel against those who have brought instability and unrest to their city.” The statement states.

The GNC promised also along with other State institutions to do their best to thwart the rise of terrorists and the country’s enemies and disallow them to reach their aims in Ajdabia.

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