House of GNC pro-GNA member, Al-Sweihli hit with an RPG


The GNC member, Abdul Rahman Al-Sweihli’s home, which he uses as an office for his work, in Tripoli was shelled by an RPG on Friday at midday, which could be an evident reaction from those who deplore his support for the Government of National Accord A)

In a press conference after the attack, Al-Seweihli called condemned the rocketing and called it a work of terrorists. Likewise, the UN delegate to Libya, Martin Kobler , said the attack was an unacceptable act that could not be tolerated. He added that the attack on Al-Seweihli was an attack on all supporters of the Libyan Political Accord.

Al-Seweihli’s house is located in Ben Ashour area near the Swiss embassy. After the RPG attack, sources said, there were no casualties reported and the attackers were not identified.

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