ICC accepts lawsuit filed against Ibrahim Jodran by LAPAC

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 26 July 2016


The Attorney General of the International Criminal Court has told the Libyan American Public Affairs Center that it accepted the lawsuit filed against Ibrahim and Khalid Jodran, Hajer Al-Gayed, and Aydah Al-Twati.

“The lawsuit is now being studied so later it can be either endorsed for an offical investigation or not.” The ICC’s Attorney General added.

Accepting to consider he lawsuit filed by LAPAC by the ICC is very crucial as it means that the lawsuit has been very evident and legal, sources from LAPAC reported.

“We call on the relevant government authorities, the Libyan Attorney General Office, the National Oil Corporation, the civil societies, and the Libyan law activists to coordinate with us in order to collect and provide official evidence and witnesses for the lawsuit.” LAPAC commented after the acceptance of the ICC.

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