Joint statement by western countries and UAE supports legitimacy of NOC

The building housing Libya’s oil state energy firm, the National Oil Corporation (NOC), is seen in Tripoli, Libya. [Photo: Archive]
The Government of the United Arab Emirates and the Ambassadors and Chargés d’ Affaires of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America issued a joint statement on Sunday to back up the legitimacy of the National Oil Corporation in Tripoli. 

“We fully support Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) as the country’s sole independent, legitimate and nonpartisan oil company.” The statement explained.

“Now is the time to consolidate national economic institutions rather than break them apart.” It added.

It also said that for the sake of Libya’s political and economic stability, and the well-being of all its citizens, the countries exclusively support the NOC and its crucial role on behalf of all Libyans.

This statement comes after the NOC has rejected attempts by the eastern-based authorities to appoint new board for the Brega oil and gas marketing company, which, as the NOC said, would lead to selling oil illicitly by the parallel NOC in eastern Libya.

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