Jonathan Winer urges Sirte residents not to rush back to the city till demining works finish


The US special delegate to Libya Jonathan Winer urged Sirte dislocated citizens not to rush back into their houses in the city before demining works were completed.

Winer tweeted on Thursday that war on IS has left Sirte ransacked adding that the city needs a lot of help after it gets liberated from IS terrorists.

“We’re doing the best we can to assist the city and its residents.” Winer added.

He also tweeted an extract from a report made by the International Red Cross showing how destroyed the city of Sirte has become.

The reported, which Winer retweeted, also shows the IRC’s help for the residents of Sirte who are dislocated in many parts of Libya,
in addition to the complains those residents made to the IRC regarding bad living conditions such as lack of money, medicines, and access to and from Sirte.

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