Landmine kills Dignity Operation’s explosives and mines expert


Tariq Al-Saaity, the Dignity Operation expert of defusing landmines and explosive devices, was killed Saturday by a landmine explosion in Al-Sabri neighbourhood in Benghazi.

Al-Saaity was earlier, in May, hit by a landmine explosion when he was inside the experts team’s car in Sidi Faraj in Benghazi, but he survived with some injuries only. He was then the Chief of the explosives department in Benghazi, as he was appointed in December.

When coming back from a course in the UAE for mines and explosives issues, Al-Saaity criticized both the Libyan ambassador in the UAE and the UAE authorities for lack of respect and cooperation, saying the course they did was nothing new and it was all in vain.

He also then said on a footage that they hadn’t received any money as they were promised by the government, threatening to reveal the truth and facts he knows when he arrives in Benghazi.

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