Last fighters standing in Benghazi leave for Derna after Haftar’s forces control of Ekhribish

Sidi Ekhribish Lighthouse – Benghazi (Photo: Social Media)

Benghazi Shura Council fighters have left their last holdout in the city – Sidi Ekhribish – and arrived in Derna on Friday, the senior leader of Libya Martyrs Brigade, Mohammed Salalbi announced in a statement on Friday.

The statement, titled Ekhribish Epic, also explained that after the heavy clashes and fighting that took place in the area between the council fighters and forces of Khalifa Haftar’s Operation Dignity, the fighters misled the latter and made their way out of the neighbourhood and off to Derna.

“This was necessary for the remaining revolutionaries in Benghazi as they were stranded there without any supplies and support.” Salabi wrote in his statement.

“They withdrew in order to save their lives.” He added.

In the meantime, Operation Dignity’s Special Forces’ Commander Wanis Bukhamada declared Wednesday control of Sidi Ekhribish and the full control of Benghazi, saying no more military operations are needed in the area.

It is worth mentioning that Haftar announced late last June that his forces liberated all of Benghazi from what he called Ismalists and terrorists, yet his forces have been fighting a group of local revolutionary fighters in Sidi Ekhribish since then.

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