Libya: Brega oil firm strongly condemns threats to employees in Benghazi

National Oil Corporation. [Photo: NOC]
Brega Petroleum Marketing Company (BPMC), a subsidiary of National Oil Corporation (NOC), condemns attempts at intimidation of its employees by an illegitimate parallel board.

“Staff in Benghazi were on Wednesday forced to sign agreements relinquishing their posts.” The NOC said.

The instruction to sign the agreements was given by suspended member of the Management Committee, Khairallah Saleh, who is under investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for corruption.

BPMC’s board of directors rejects attempts to intimidate its employees, and to disrupt the company’s operations to conceal the embezzlement of public funds.

BPMC said it is working with NOC to take all necessary measures to prosecute, locally and internationally, all those involved in these acts.

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