Libya’s coastguards rescue 200 illegal immigrants off the coast

Migrants rescued by the Libyan coastguard in the Mediterranean sea. [Archive – AFP/GETTY IMAGES]
The Libyan Coast Guard on Friday rescued more than 200 illegal migrants off the country’s western coast, the International Organization for Migration in Libya (IOM Libya) said.

“Over 200 migrants were just returned to Libyan shore by the coast guard,” the IOM Libya tweeted earlier Saturday.

“While our staff are at the disembarkation point to provide needed emergency assistance, we reiterate that Libya is not a safe port,” said the United Nations Migration Agency in Libya.

The Libyan Navy  Force said it had rescued nearly 500 illegal immigrants off the country’s western coast over the past few days.

“There are over 600,000 migrants in Libya, many of whom are in need of assistance especially as conflict continues,” the IOM Libya said.

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