Libya’s High Council of State deplores “double standards” of Arab League

High Council of State session in Tripoli. [Photo: Internet]
Libya’s High Council of State (HCS) has described the statement of the Arab League issued in Cairo on Saturday is a “double standard” act that is used by the league toward the ongoing conflicts in fellow Arab countries.

The Arab League called on Libya to decrease its diplomatic representation and cooperation with Turkey for it’s current military operation in North Eastern Syria.

In a statement on Sunday, the HCS indicated that the decisions of the Arab League come in line with the agendas of Egypt, UAE and others which want Libya to remain destabilized.

“Egypt and UAE which claim to care for the national security of Arab states and fear that terrorism would spread in the region are currently striking civilians in Libya and government institutions for the forces that defeated ISIS in Sirte.” The statement reads.

It adds that Egypt and UAE are hindering the convening of a meeting for the Arab League to take measures that back up the legitimacy in Libya and protect civilians from the ongoing blatant offensive which they both support.

“The Arab League’s sixth item allows any member state under attack to call for a meeting and this was done by the GNA in April 21 via the Foreign Minister, yet no meeting has ever been convened so far.” The HCS explained.

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