Libya’s rival governments agreed only on “condemning Brussels attacks”

The three governments of Libya
The three governments of Libya

The three governments of Libya, east, west and in exile (Tunisia), have finally agreed not to disagree on one single issue, but the issue is non-Libyan!

The three rivals condemned the monstrous attacks carried out by ISIS sleeper cells in Belgium, Brussels.

Al-Bayda-based Al-Thanni Government issued a letter Thursday denouncing the attack and saying the the people of Libya consoles the Belgian in this shameless terror attack.

Likewise, Tripoli-based National Salvation Government has offered condolences to the victims of the terror attacks and called the Belgian to be strong, as Libyans are, in the face of ISIS terrorism.

Serraj government, based currently in Tunisia, is believed to have sent a letter of condolences to the King of Belgium offering sympathy in such a time of grief and distress.

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