LPDF approves selection mechanism for a new executive authority

A majority of 73 percent of participants voted in favor of a new selection mechanism to unify governmental institutions for the period leading to the elections

Only two members abstained from the voting process and nineteen members voted against the new mechanism. [Photo: Libyan Express]
The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) conducted a one-day voting process, from Monday 18 January to Tuesday 19 January, during which the LPDF members were asked to cast their vote on the proposed selection mechanism of a unified executive authority, reached by the Advisory Committee.

Seventy-two LPDF members engaged in the voting process, with 51 voting in favour of the proposed mechanism, representing almost 73 per cent of the votes cast, and 19 members voting against. Two members abstained and two others did not engage in the process.

With the stipulated threshold set by the Advisory Committee at 63% (sixty-three per cent) of the votes, the proposal has therefore passed by the exceeding majority of 73% of all votes cast.

The UNSMIL commanded the members who took part in the voting process for their commitment to the UN-facilitated intra- Libyan dialogue, and for upholding their responsibilities before the Libyan people.

Acting Special Representative for the United Nations and Head of the Support Mission in Libya Stephnie Williams welcomed the vote, stating that it marks a significant step towards the implementation of the roadmap adopted in Tunis last November.

She also emphasised that with the agreement on the selection mechanism, Libyans now have the chance to move past their differences and division, use their voices to select a temporary government and unify their institutions through the long-awaited democratic national elections.

The newly established selection mechanism is detailed as follows;

  • Each electoral college shall separately nominate their respective representative to the Presidency Council based on the principle of agreement in selection (70%). If this is not possible, lists shall be formed from all regions.
  • Each list shall consist of 4 persons, who will specify the position for which they are running (President of the Presidency Council, member of Presidency Council, and Prime Minister). For the list to be presented for voting by the Plenary, it must receive 17 endorsements (8 from the West, 6 from the East and 3 from the South).
  •  The winning list shall be the one that receives 60% of the votes of the Plenary in the first round. If none of the lists receives this percentage, the two lists that receive the highest percentages shall compete in the second round. The winning list shall be the one that receives 50%+1 in the LPDF Plenary.
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