Ministerial meeting on Libya in New York says no military solution for the country’s conflict

Ministerial meeting in New York on Libya. [Photo: Internet]
France and Italy have chaired a ministerial meeting on Libya in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly with attendance of delegates from the US, UK, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, China, Germany, Russia, and Arab League as well as the African Union. 

The meeting’s final statement rejected any more attempt for a military solution in Libya and said the conflict can only be resolved by political dialogue.

It called for an unconditional ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy and artillery weapons from the frontlines, stressing that there should be an end to the use of airpower by all Libyan parties.

“The Security Council member states should not intervene in the conflict in Libya or take any measures that fuel the conflict. They have to abide by the Security Council arms embargo on the country.” The final statement reads.

It also reiterated that the political dialogue should be resumed and expressed concern about the humanitarian conditions of displaced Libyans and the conditions of migrants and refugees.

“We urge for preparing an international conference that gathers all regional and international stakeholders. We also call for an inter-Libyan conference coming from the efforts of the UNSMIL and African Union, and aiming to end the crisis by domestic recommendations.” The statement explained, warning of extremist and terrorist groups taking advantage of the current fighting to reemerge.

The statement made clear that the political process can be resumed as per the Paris, Palermo and Abu Dhabi meetings in order to pave the way for holding elections in Libya.

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