New Prime Minister lays out the roadmap to a unified stable Libya

Libya's newly elected prime minister of interim governments promises to unify the Libyan people and bring an end to their suffering

Libya’s new Prime Minister believes the LPDF made the right choice by voting for progress over war and brought the country closer to establishing peace. [Photo: Internet]
Newly elected Prime Minister of unified executive authority Abdul Hamid Debaiba stated that the election of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum is a clear sign of victory for Libyan unity and reconciliation.

In a televised statement on Saturday, the Prime Minister stated that Libyan representatives in Geneva chose peace, progress and democracy over war and division.

He added that he and his fellow chosen candidates fully intend to fulfil their promises to hold national elections on their designated date of December 24, 2021.

Libya’s new Prime Minister promised that his government will abide by a principle of transparency and honesty to Libyan people, vowing to work on reducing the country’s centralization to strengthen its sense of solidarity.

The newly elected official pledged to resolve Libya’s growing electricity crisis within just six months and expedite the process of providing the public with COVID-19 vaccines as soon as possible.

He pointed out that the pressing issue of the liquidity crisis that has held the country in economical limbo for years is already underway to being resolved and he will work with relevant parties to make certain the solution is permanent for the sake of the Libyan people.

In regards to foreign affairs, Debiba promised to work on developing relations with Libya’s allies so long as they do not interfere with Libyan affairs and Libya’s government will not interfere with theirs.

“We will abide by our commitments to agreements with foreign countries and cooperate more with neighbouring countries in our national interest. We urge all states to be partners in achieving stability in Libya.” He added on the televised event that was also streamed online on various platforms.

He noted that the roadmap established by the LPDF in Tunis will pave the way beyond the conflicts and bring an end to the country’s divided state and finally end Libya’s decade long state of war.

He also promised to work with all parties regardless of regional background, ideologies and previous affiliations.

The LDPF established road map in Tunis stipulates that the new Prime Minister will be tasked with forming a new government and has to receive a vote of confidence from the house of representative within 21 days of his elections if not the members of the dialogue forum will vote to approve the interim government.

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