Officials from Libya warlord Haftar’s forces confirm he is in France for treatment

A poster in the famous Al-Shajara Square in Benghazi for Khalifa Haftar saying “Benghazi movement of mandating Khalifa Haftar.” (Photo: Social Media)

Libyan officials say strongman Khalifa Hifter has been flown to France for medical treatment.

They did not elaborate on his medical condition, only said on Thursday that he suffered a “medical issue” and was taken from Jordan to France to be hospitalized, without elaborating.

They said his health is now stable.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

There were disparate reports on Libyan media on Wednesday, with various outlets saying he suffered a lung problem, was in a coma or was under no risk but would remain under medical supervision for days.

On Tuesday, self-styled Libyan national army spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari said on his official page that Hifter is in “excellent health.”

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