On world youth day, Dabeiba announces funds to support marriage and youth projects

GNU Prime Minister pledges billions to support youth, marriage and Libya's future

Among the initiatives announced by the PM, a billion dinar marriage fund will be founded as well as a 1.7 billion dinar housing fund. [Photo: GNU]

The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdelhamid Dabeiba, was joined by the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, the Head of the Court of Accounts, and a number of ministers in commemorating International Youth Day at the Leptis Magna archaeological theatre in Khums, which was organized by the Ministry of Youth.

During the event, the Prime Minister gave a speech in which he emphasized that the goal of the celebration was to highlight youth problems rather than a party, to examine stereotypes that did not really address the role, mission, or responsibilities of young people.

In a statement to young people, Dabeiba stated: “Your lives are important to us, and your success is important to us. We don’t want you to live through the years of war and devastation we’ve endured. You guys want you to have a good life and to do your best.”

“It is in the belief of your abilities and potential as key partners in policy-making and future-making, and in the expectation that you will be fully prepared to take the initiative, lead the national movement, guide change, and embrace your innovations and projects in order to organize efforts, use potential, and embrace your innovations and projects,” the Head of Government explained.

The Minister announced a number of Government decisions to promote the role of youth, the most important of which was the establishment of the National Youth Council and the announcement of the Declaration on Youth (National Youth Day) and the organization of the Youth Welfare and Empowerment Mechanism as Libya’s first legislation on youth since the State of Independence, as well as a number of other initiatives.

The Head of Government also announced the activation of the Marriage Support Fund and its transfer of dependency to the Ministry of Youth (through the support of 50,000 marriages), as well as the Multi-purpose Youth Activity Centres project, which involves the development and equipping of youth hostels in all Libyan regions, as well as their employment to establish training programs for young leaders and entrepreneurs.

During his speech, the President of the Government of National Unity announced that the government would allocate 1 billion Libyan dinars to the marriage fund, as well as 1 billion and 700 million dinars to housing loans for young people through the Real Estate Bank, as well as microcredit and medium-sized financing loans.

The Minister also announced that the Government would conduct a combined meeting with the Central Bank and commercial banks on Monday to establish a 12-billion-dollar youth project support fund.

In his speech, he urged young people to go to work and construct, emphasizing that the State would create and establish businesses and companies in which young people would serve as the future’s backbone.

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