One of Haftar’s forces leaders extorts a girl from Benghazi to take her to his house

Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade fighter extorts a girl in Benghazi. [Photo: Social Media]
The senior leader at Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade of Khalifa Haftar’s forces, Asem Al-Ashibi, has threatened on Facebook a girl from Benghazi of killing one her brothers, asking her to come to his farmhouse in Sidi Faraj in Benghazi.

The man videotaped the girl agaisnt her will so he can threaten her with exposing her on social media if she didn’t come to his house again.

Farmhouses in Sidi Faraj and Sidi Khalifa in Benghazi have been famed for being brothels for fighters of brigades under Haftar’s forces command.

Tariq bin Ziyad Brigade is fighting for Haftar’s forces in the offensive against Tripoli since April 04.

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