Rainy, windy, dusty weather sweeps across Libya

Waves of heavy rain coupled with strong wind shook the streets of most of the Libyan cities starting from Saturday causing different kinds of troubles for the Libyan citizen.

In Tripoli, it rained cats and dogs for continuous hours over the last two days with a very strong force of wind that blew steadily all day and all night long amid sounds of thunder and lightening that left the capital pedestrians-free for many hours due to floods on the roads.

In Tarhouna, Gharyan and other cities in the western mountain, rain and wind were coupled with modest snow flakes that showered the whole area and white-coated the mountain hills.

In addition, Tobruk was a bit different as it was plunged into a sand storm that turned the city’s blue sky into orange and forced the residents to stay indoors to avoid the dust.

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