Rising living expenses forcing people to take extreme measures

People are selling their car's catalytic converter to meet ends meat and provide for their families

The converter is responsible for filtering toxic gasses before they’re released into the air. Removing it can be very dangerous. [Ilustration: Internet/Archive]
Citizens and health authorities have demanded the capture and arrest of anyone who trades in car catalytic converters from people in need.

The catalytic converter is a device that reduces toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas released into the air, removing it means the car is openly releasing toxic harmful gasses into the air.

Due to the material its made of and the constant demand on it, car shops and mechanics in large numbers are buying this device from people who are lining up to sell it, some of whom likely unaware of the harmful outcome and some, too desperate for the financial gain to care.

Automobiles already release toxic fumes into the air after filtration, without the car catalytic converter, the gasses released are not filtered in any way, therefore they are ten times more harmful to people breathing them in.

These fumes are known to cause lung cancer, chronic pneumonia, cardiovascular disease as well as chest allergies. It can also cause deformations in infants and early births and miscarriages. In most developed nations, it is against the law to drive a car without the converter.

People have taken to social media to protest the illicit trade of buying the converters and demanded that authorities prosecute those buying them for taking advantage of people in need rather than going after the citizens who are only trying to put food on the table with limited resources and a debilitating financial crisis in the country.

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