The Democratic Party of Libya calls slavery markets in Libya “Fake News”

The Democratic Party – Libya (Internet)

The Democratic party of Libya (DPL) condemned what it called ” fake news” of slavery in Libya.

In a statement, the party recounted an attempt by a documentary producer seeking assistance of the party to make a movie about the rape of immigrants and slavery in Libya. The party being “baffled” by the producer’s conclusion prior to carrying out any inquiries or researches, said it” refused to be involved in such a dishonorable conduct aimed at defaming Libya”.

In addition to raising doubt toward the validity to the now infamous CNN report by citing an article by Swiss journalist Beat Stauffe, the DPL, accused France of wanting “to resurrect the Bevin-Svorza agreement of partitioning Libya so that it will take the Southern Libyan province of Fezzan”, affirming that “It will not happen”.

The Democratic Party of Libya is a liberal political party founded on the 14th of July 2011.

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