Tripoli Primary Health Care Center announces Swine Flu vaccines available


The Primary Health Care Center based in Tripoli said on its official Facebook page that the preventive H1N1 vaccine is available in every medical center in the capital, confirming that the virus is under control.

The PHC informed the directors and employees of the health care centers and the vaccination-supervising nurses and doctors that the seasonal flu preventive vaccinations available in the PHC are the same that are used to remedy three kinds of influenza viruses, H1N1 included.

Moreover, the National Center of Diseases Control sent to its branch in Benghazi an emergency cargo of ten thousand dosages of anti-flu medicine “Tamiflu”.

It also sent in the cargo some other kinds of medicines for “AIDS” HIV virus, which are supposed to be distributed in the east.

“We confirm that the health situation is under control, and warn about the spread of rumors that left people in total panic.” The Facebook post concluded.

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