US President tells the world “CNN is Fake News” but adopts its slavery claims on Libya

Donald Trump has always called the CNN as “Fake News Network” (Photo: Libyan News)

Libyan social media users, activists and political activists have lashed out at the double standards’ policy used by the US when dealing with the sources of news on the media.

Since November 15 and onward and up until last Tuesday, the US has been condemning slave markets in Libya where migrants are being sold for work in farms and workshops.

The US administration and ambassador to the UN condemned the act at the UN Security Council and called for sanctions on Libya for it.

However, there is not word that came from the US President Donald Trump who about the news source, which is the CNN, which he always describes as “fake news.”

Trump tweeted this is week that CNN is fake news not only in the US but also in the world.

The question, Libyan observers ask, why would the US believe the CNN’s report of slavery in Libya if it is branded as fake news source for them.

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