European Parliament President urges EU to open refugee reception centers in Libya

  • Libyan Express + Agencies |
  • Monday 27 February 2017

A migrant is rescued from the mediteranean sea by a member of Proactiva Open Arms NGO

Politico – European Parliament President Antonio Tajani has called for the EU to set up refugee reception centers in Libya and to implement a “Marshall Plan” for Africa in order to curb migration to the bloc, Die Zeit reported Monday.

The Libyan centers should not become “concentration camps,” but should have adequate equipment to ensure refugees live in dignified conditions with access to sufficient medical care, Tajani said.

The Marshall Plan, inspired by U.S. financial support for the rebuilding of Western European countries after the end of World War II, should fund the launch of an education initiative, develop modern agriculture and set up joint ventures with two or more partners.

A migrant warms up inside of a derelict warehouse used as a makeshift shelter near Belgrade’s main railway station

“We either act now or 20 million Africans will come to Europe in the coming years,” Tajani said.

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