Libya’s wannabe president, Basit Igtet, starts getting likes across the country

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 12 September 2017

They cited for their decision the suffering of their city and the southern region in general due to the negligence of Government of National Accord and other government’s authorities.

The Libyan Zurich-based businessman and former candidate for the post of Libyan Premier, Basit Igtet, has started attracting different political, military and social components in the country.

The Sabha municipality and elders as well as revolutionaries councils all issued a joint statement on Tuesday saying they support Igtet’s vision for Libya and will back him up for his upcoming project, starting from protests on September 25 in Libya’s capital, Tripoli.

They cited for their decision the suffering of their city and the southern region in general due to the negligence of Government of National Accord and other government’s authorities.

On social media, the Igtet’s call for demonstrations and for ending the rule of what he said the failing government of Fayez Al-Serraj and the eastern government as well as the House of Representatives and Khalifa Haftar’s self-styled army.

Igtet wants Libyans to take to Martyrs Square on September 25, promising them that they won’t be opposed by any force and their voice will be heard by the whole world, especially the US, which he said is his main ally for his coming move.

In his latest video, Igtet also broke down his economic plan to save Libya from the current crisis, explaining throughout the footage how he would make a radical change in the economic system in Libya and hence get it back on its feet once again.

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  • Diana Ghariany

    yes if you close your eyes and hear one of Qaddafi’s speeches its a copy paste. The man married into Zionist Family which is filthy rich from bootlegging in Canada. Basit has no idea about Libya and doesn’t care about the Libyan people.The only thing he & his wife care is to get our resources for them.

    • Move On

      Just wondering if he is going to join them on September 25th. I guess he is just another idiot

      • Diana Ghariany

        his not an idiot he is a hustler & the Cabal want Libya & he is been bought & paid for to do just that… He disadvantage is he converted to Judaism something Libyans will never accept

    • JoAnne H. Moriarty

      Yes, he is a Zionist troll living in Switzerland no one in Libya can stand this crooked pygmy.

    • Alain Mutomb

      Still you are dreamers. No Libyan can raise the country without foreign help. Continue dreaming. You sold your country when you gave gaddafi to the french and american. No one can save Libya. It is a waste of time trying. You need help. Just need to admit it.

      • Diana Ghariany

        I’m not a dreamer I know the facts of life & it wasn’t me who sold Libya it was you who idiotically believed your government & agreed to go to war illegally with Libya. As for us Libyans we have succeeded before it may take years but Libya will be free from all the colonials who have invaded us. We have been conquered a thousand times from empires stronger than these invaders & we threw them to the sea their time will come. The only way to conquer Libya is if you kill us all. So if you think I am dreamer we could say the same for Assad, Iran, Yemen, etc you may think you have broken us but we are getting stronger day by day. Igtet, Siraj if they don’t get the permission from the Misurata militia & Tripoli Militia they can not even walk the pavement of Tripoli

        • Alain Mutomb

          I agree with you concerning igtet, but you need to see things the way they are. Be realistic. Libyans are more divided than ever before. There is no more “we libyans” , but amazigh, zitani, misurati, swari , jabeli, and so on… . a part from that those who have power in libya have the support of militias and don’t suffer as ordinary libyans and continue to get richer and richer. They are getting rich over the suffering of Libyans. Do you except them to give Libya a chance to recover? I don’t think so, because they are only making money when Libya is unstable. They won’t allow Libya to get its stability.

          • Diana Ghariany

            I agree on your last paragraph what I do not agree is that there is still we Libyans as I live there & I am on constant meetings with the big tribes we are united the only tribe that we don’t even care is the Misurata tribe which controls only Tripoli & some fractions of fanatics who also are in Tripoli… don’t get me wrong I understand what you are saying. Also the media isn’t helping by only reporting what they want and not the reality. You have to live in Libya to have the correct insight. Its like when somebody asks me about American politics I will answer only what I have read thru the internet or what ever shit the media gives us. I would be incorrect over what’s really going on in the States, as I don’t know the reality of what the people of America are going thru. As for the power/money hunger that the politicians/warlords/mercenaries have it will not last for ever. Libyans who didn’t want Qaddafi in power and who fought against him in 2011 now they are regretting it and are trying to assist for a peaceful solution with the tribes

          • Alain Mutomb

            That’s right. I know libya a little bit if not more than some other guys who never been to libya. I spent 15 years in libya. I have been there before the revolution , during the revolution and after the revolution. I have been to tobruk- swara. Misrata- sirte- gharyan and others. So I understand. The problem is it is difficult to control a country full of different militias fighting each other. No stability can be achieved without security. To rise up the economie security should be a priority because banks are being burned as well as supwemarkets, no control over the exchange rate and so on…
            The change can be achieved peacefully but it need a strong man who will sweep the government in tobruk and the one in tripoli including all related militias and form a real army and police. Also address the main problem which is misurata.

  • faraj Ali

    This man ((Basit Igtet )) his father was working as Mufi with ..Terrorist group so Called ((Libyan Islamic fighter groups))……impossible Libyan people will accept some one like this ……….this is dirt game by radical groups and Joan Mc Cain………