Our intelligence doing a ‘great job’ in Libya, says Italian PM

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  • Tuesday 28 February 2017

Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni has signed a deal with Libyan leader Fayez Serraj to help stem influx of migrants into the EU (Photo: 3rd February 2017)

Italian intelligence services are doing a “great job” in Libya to help combat migrant traffickers and fight ISIS, Premier Paolo Gentiloni said Monday, presenting the annual intelligence report.

“The responsibilities that Italy has taken on as leader in the Libyan theatre have seen great work, not only diplomatic and military but also on the part of our intelligence, which is continuing in its precious work”, Gentiloni told reporters at a press conference.

“The assumption of responsibilities by the present Libyan authorities is very significant,” Gentiloni went on, referring to moves agreed with Italy to stem massive and desperate migrant flows.

As for the fight against terrorism, Gentiloni said that “2017 could be the year of Daesh’s military defeat” or at least control of a “significant amount of territory” may be wrested from it, “but it is equally clear that the jihadis threat will not be ended or cancelled out by a to-be-hoped-for, possible victory in the military territory both in Iraq and Syria”.

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