Teen hangs himself in Al-Bayda to raise suicide cases to over 10, as Charlie Charlie game blamed

  • Libyan Express |
  • Saturday 15 April 2017

An adult aged 20 years old has committed suicide by hanging himself in Al-Bayda city in eastern Libya, bringing the number of hangings to 10 in a month period.

According to medical sources, the boy was brought to the Thawra Hospital in the city after he had killed himself by a hanging rope.

Authorities in the eastern city have announced that their investigation into two surviving cases and the families of the dead has suggested that there is an association between Charlie Charlie game and the suicide cases, citing that the game helped delve those who killed themselves into “conjuring activities.”

The eastern authorities of Al-Bayda slammed a ban on Charlie Charlie game as a result.

However, after going viral on social media, the Charlie Charlie finding of the investigation seemed so weak in the eyes of the public, which made authorities announce that they are still investigating more into the issue.

According to the news outlets and websites in Libya, the people who committed suicide range in age between 8 years old and 58.

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