10 years on, Lockerbie money paid by Gaddafi remains at US Treasury, report unveils

Pan Am 747 jumbo jet wreckage in Lockerbie (Photo: Internet)
Hundreds of millions of pounds of Moamar Gaddafi’s Lockerbie compensation money is sitting in the US government’s accounts a decade after it was paid out, a report by the Daily Record revealed.
The report said the Libyan dictator paid more than £1billion in 2008 for the families of American victims of the atrocity and other terrorist attacks.
“But up to a third of the cash is still to be distributed by the US government 10 years later.” The report remarks.
Lockerbie campaigner Dr Jim Swire said some of the money could be spent on a new inquiry into the bombing, added the Daily Record.
A US State Department official said: “Most of the $1.5billion (£1.1billion) received from Libya through the settlement has been paid out to eligible claimants, the report added.

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