2 suicide blasts rock south Libya, kill three and injure others

Photo showing the aftermath of the explosion (Photo: Social Media)

Three Libyan self-styled army soldiers were killed and another injured on Tuesday in two suicide blasts suspected to be carried out by ISIS, in crowded areas in Ghadwa, near the southern city of Sabha.

Interim Interior Minister of the Interim Government Ahmed Baraka said the soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Ghadwa police station.

He added that another suicide bomber blew himself up inside the police station after his arrest, resulting in no fatalities except himself.

There was also some material damage to the building.

These suicide attacks come less than a day after an operation to free 22 Libyans, who were held by ISIS.

According to the Khalifa Haftar-led self-styled army, during the operation, several ISIS militants were killed.

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