$262 million of Libya’s frozen money in Egypt given to “Gargour Family”

Libyan dinar in exchange with dollars (Photo: Internet)

The Head of Press Support Authority in Libya Abdelrazzak Al-Dahish said Libya’s frozen assets in Egypt are at risk of being taken and must be hastily retrieved or put in a safer country. 

Al-Dahish’s remarks came after Egypt has taken 262 million dollars from the Libyan frozen assets and gave them to “Gargour Family” as a compensation.

Hanna Family (A.K.A. Gargour Family) has received a court ruling in Egypt for a compensation from the Libyan state of 261.4 million dollars which were Sunday taken out of the bank accounts of the Libyan Foreign Bank at the Egyptian Suez Canal Bank.

The money has been taken from the Libyan frozen assets and given to the Egyptian family despite appeals and legal challenges from Libya, saying the family has forged the documents by which it claims that it owns about 200 hectares in Libya in Gargour area since 1966.

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