35 members of parliament released from their posts

House Speaker Aguilla Salah scrambles to maintain power by dismissing members of the HoR

Saleh accuses members of parliament of disloyalty and division. [Photo: HoR]
The authority of the Tobruk based House of Representatives today announced that 35 members of parliament have been dropped and referred to the attorney general on charges of dividing of the country, and spreading chaos and supporting sedition.

In a statement the Tobruk based HoR said that the 35 deputies were released and reported to the Attorney General for their split from what they consider to be the legitimate legislative body of the country and partaking in the establishment of a parallel parliament in Tripoli, directly violating the constitutional declaration and the council’s internal rules.

Political experts expressed that the decision issued by Aguila Saleh to dismiss these deputies is a blatant attempt to interfere with the unified House of Representative meetings in Ghadames.

The meetings of the unified Parliament in Ghadames will attempt to reach a political resolution for the divide in the country, vote on pressing issues facing the nation and select a new House speaker in replacement of Aguila Saleh.

Experts also noted that the decision by Saleh is confusing as it did not include all the members taking part in the Ghadames meetings as well as including members who refused to join either parliament in their respective sessions in Benghazi and Ghadames.

It’s worth noting that supporters of the house speaker Aguilla Salah have threatened to withdraw from the ongoing dialogue if the voting did not go in favour of option 3, according to which Saleh and current Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha would be elected as President of the Council and Prime Minister.

Previously, Aguilla salah attempted to gather the divided house of representatives in Benghazi under his leadership but only twenty members attended the “official” gathering, as opposed to over a 120 members in the city of Ghadames.

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