Member of High Council of State slams Jordan’s military support for Haftar

Member of High Council of State Abdelrahman Al-Shater. [Photo: Libyan Express]
The member of the High Council of State (HCS) Abdelrahman Al-Shater has slammed JordanJordelivery of KADDB armored vehicles to Khalifa Haftar in his war on Tripoli as a violation of the United Nations arms embargo on Libya. 

Al-Shater told Libyan Express Thursday that Jordan’s ailing economy is the reason why it is trying to boost it by illegal arms selling to Khalifa Haftar, who is willing to spend Libyans’ money for his own benefit.

He also indicated that Haftar’s KADDB deal could have been paid for by Saudi Arabia, adding that such Arab interventions in Libya show how far they are willing to go to cling to power and dictatorship.

“Khalifa Haftar is leading a coup against legitimacy in Libya and is trying to topple a Un-backed government, thus it is a disgrace to see Arab countries fueling the conflict among the people of Libya by providing the attackers of Tripoli with military equipment.”

Al-Shater added that Jordan’s delivery of armored vehicles to Haftar is a war crime and thus is punishable by international laws.

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