Massive fight breaks out at Ajdabiya city

Black smoke billows in the sky above areas where clashes are taking place between Operation Karama Forces (Dignity), and the Shura Council of Benghazi. (Reuters)

Fight breaks in Ajdabiya amidst fear of continuous violence in eastern Libya

Many people were killed and others injured in ferocious clashes as they broke out in the city of Ajdabiya in eastern Libya Tuesday.

The clashes went on for 4 days between Operation Karama Forces (Dignity) and Ajdabiya Shura Council fighters, a coalition of Anti-Dignity Operation, and they took place in different areas in the city.

Ajdabiya Red Crescent urged the clashing sides to stop the fighting to give way for its rescue teams to evacuate the families who were caught in the crossfire in the center of the city.

About 75 families have escaped from the fighting areas, the Red Crescent affirmed.

Ajdabiya municipality has called for peacefulness and self control after pro-Dignity Operation member of the council Abdulmenem Al-Zway was killed in the Friday clashes.

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