Syria: Jaysh Al-Islam names a successor for killed commander


Libyan News and Agencies

Jaysh Al-Islam (The Army of Islam) whose leader was killed by an airstrike near the Syrian capital, Damascus, has appointed a successor, vowing to continue fighting both the Syrian government and the Islamic State group.

Jaysh Al-Isalm said it has appointed Essam al-Buwaydhani, a field commander known as Abu Hammam, as the new leader of the group. He is to replace Zahran Allouch, who was killed as an airstrike targeted a meeting of rebel commanders in a Damascus suburb.

Late on Thursday, a spokesperson for the Army of Islam said the killing of Allouch will only increase their fight against the Bashar AL-Assad regime and the Islamic State group. “We are going on steadily on the same path, and we do not change or alter,” the unidentified speaker said.

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