65 migrants drowned trying to reach Europe

More than 330 migrants rescued by Italian coast guard and other European vessels have already disembarked at Sicilian ports, Italian media reported. [Photo:Archive]
Tens of illegal migrants trying to reach Europe drowned in the Mediterranean on Friday and 100 more were sent back to Libya, the United Nations said.

This happened while Italian authorities signalling opposition to more migration from Africa seized a rescue ship.

The U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said 65 people drowned when their boat capsized off Tunisia, and 101 others who had been picked up at sea were returned to Libya, “despite repeated warnings that it is not a safe country to send people back to.”

It was one the deadliest shipwrecks involving migrants trying to reach Europe via north Africa this year.

The incident comes as Tripoli is seeing continued clashes between Khalifa Haftar’s forces and forces under Government of National Accord’s command.

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