700,000 illegal migrants bottlenecked in Libya due to Italy’s policies

Migrants from Niger wait before they are deported by Libyan authorities, in Misrata, Libya, February 19, 2018. REUTERS/Ayman al-Sahili

The activity by the Italian Republic has caused a meltdown in Libya, creating a bottleneck. There are about 700,000 migrants in Libya and this is making it more difficult for them to move out, Tom Dowdall, NCA deputy director of organised immigration crime, said according to the Sunday News. 

“A bottleneck of 700,000 migrants is waiting in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, the National Crime Agency has said.” Reported the British newspaper.

It added that the number, which is greater than the population of Leicester, highlights the difficulties facing the EU in controlling migrants seeking a new life in Europe.

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