9-year old boy butchered, his body tossed next family house in Benghazi

What Haftar and his forces did in Benghazi to turn from a populated city full of life to a city of ghosts and destruction. (Photo: Internet) 

A kidnapped boy by the name Abdel Raouf Al-Ojali was find killed at the door of his house Monday morning after being away for over three days when kidnappers took him and told his family to pay 2 million dinars for his return.

The boy was found “slayed” according to social media sources, and tossed at the door of his family’s house.

The kidnappers, who are still unknown, kidnapped the boy from Hay Al-Salam in Benghazi and then phoned the family asking for 2 million Libyan dinars as a ransom.

The family could not deliver the money, the boy was butchers, local media confirmed.

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