A Hannibal Gaddafi’s case at a Lebanese court dropped

Hannibal Gaddafi is the son of the slain dictator Moammar Gaddafi of Libya. [Photo: Internet]

A Lebanese court has suspended lawsuits field against the son of Muammar Gaddafi, Hannibal, citing a lack of jurisdiction regarding a case accusing Hannibal of kidnap and attempting murder of a Lebanese doctor in Libya.

According to local sources in Lebanon, the court said Hannibal’s cases should be field at the military judiciary in order to be pursued.

Hannibal revealed in an exclusive interview with Russia’s RIA Novosti last February how he was kidnapped in Syria and ended up imprisoned in Lebanon.

“I was kidnapped in Syria by an armed gang on 6 December 2015. I was illegally moved from Syria to the Bekka region of Lebanon; the kidnappers used the lane reserved for the military in order to prevent the Syrians from searching their car. I was held there for a week; they tortured me both physically and mentally in an attempt to force me to divulge information related to the 1978 disappearance of Musa al-Sadr and his two companions — Sheikh Muhammad Yaacoub, whose son orchestrated my kidnapping, and Abbas Badreddine.” Hannibal told RIA Novosti.

Hannibal has been kept in a Lebanese jail since 2015 in connection with the alleged disappearance of Lebanese Shia imam Musa Al-Sadr in Libya back in 1978, which has never been fully investigated.

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